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About - This Hiking Life

Hi, we’re Ian and Tara Wells. Just like you, we’re outdoorsy people trying our best to live an adventurous life around the everyday realities of work, health and family.

We serve people who are totally ready to immerse themselves in nature, in order to live an enriched and fulfilling life.

And we reckon the best and most fun way to do that is simply by walking. Nothing fancy. No icepicks, ropes or expensive gear. No technical mastery, youth-on-your-side, six-pack abs required. Just hiking.

We remind you to get outdoors more, to make you feel more alive. And the way we do that is to speak to inspiring people from all walks of life, all over the world, whose lives have been enriched by hiking. Whether they’re a professional hiker (yes, that’s a thing), an entrepreneur, author, elite sportsperson, or whomever, they all have walking in common. The podcast’s launch date is still to be confirmed.

When it comes to a podcast about hiking, we walk the talk;

  • We’ve been running a hiking business since 2009. Ian’s the Chief Guide of Sydney Coast Walks and Tara’s the make-it-happen person.
  • In a different lifetime, Tara was a drive-time radio producer at the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), with bonus experience as a radio presenter and TV presenter/producer. Combined with a Masters in Journalism, she’s interviewed a tonne of people and really cares about professional-sounding audio.
  • It’s been a lifetime of hiking for both us. Thanks to family for an early introduction, then to the Scout and Guide association for that first taste of independence, and to mates who were up for adventure. Between us we’ve trekked in the Himalaya, Andes, Alps, Pyrenees and tramped in New Zealand. We’ve also hill walked in Scotland and rambled in England. Oh and bush walked Australia’s east coast of course. Have we mentioned we’re Aussies?
  • We’ve won multiple tourism awards recognising our passion for sharing Sydney’s best natural beauty. Now we get to share the belief that the world’s best natural beauty can only be accessed on foot.

Tell me more

We’re partners in business and life. When we’re not recording podcast interviews or madly writing about Sydney’s best walks, then we’re wrangling kids. So now we have the added challenge of hiking with very young children.

One day we’ll take the family thru-hiking. Top of the list is the Camino de Santiago de Compestela – Spain’s legendary pilgrim trail – mainly to combine our loves of experiencing different cultures, delicious food and wine.

This Hiking Life podcast was inspired by our own life experiences – that of having plenty of outdoor adventures when we were younger… but work got busy, health issues were a bump in the road, and then we had kids. Like facing down the perfect storm, we needed to work out a way to get outdoors more, to make our weekends more than the grocery shopping!

Come with us on the journey to get (re)inspired by signing up here for monthly updates.